About Us

The Woodward Family

For Jerry and Angie Woodward, the goal has always been to create behavioral treatment centers like no other in the United States. Their devotion to helping young girls work through their behavior problems and grow to be balanced young women has helped them build Heavens Peak into a place of solitude and learning. With four kids of their own, they know how difficult it is to raise well-rounded children in today’s world.

It seems that young women are hit hardest by today’s social environment. Society degrades their dignity, while peer pressure causes momentary lapses of judgement that lead to harsh consequences. The world’s focus on the superficial invades their lives with feelings of inadequacy and shame. It was for these reasons that Jerry and Angie Woodward created their first behavioral treatment center, Trinity Teen Solutions, in 2002.

The Woodwards’ treatment centers don’t try to treat teenage girls in a co-ed facility that is packed with a hundred other kids, where they’ll learn more bad behavior than they’ll overcome. Instead, Heavens Peak exists to take your daughter away from environments that foster her struggles and into God’s country, where she will commune with nature, with her heavenly father, and with other girls who are learning and growing, as well.

Care And Treatment That Works

At Heavens Peak, the level of care that we provide aims to bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient services. In this way, our program can serve as both an alternative to hospitalization, as well as a transition from inpatient care at Trinity Teen Solutions. Our programs provide a structured, therapeutically intensive setting for individuals who do not require 24-hour supervision, but still need a strong foundation of support.

The outpatient program offered at Heavens Peak provides many of the same therapeutic and educational components as a traditional behavioral inpatient program, but allows teenage girls to work on her treatment within their own family and community. Since the girls are able to return home each evening, it allows the treatment to focus on building effective coping skills that can be self-managed.


What makes Heavens Peak program’s better for your daughter? Here are some of the key differences between us and other options:

  • Heavens Peak
  • Surrounded by quiet and majestic mountains
  • Situated on a 4,000-acre working ranch
  • Engulfed in the Beartooth Mountain Range and the Shoshone National Forest
  • Custom-tailored programs designed specifically for your daughter
  • Never had a lawsuit or judgment brought against us
  • 1:4 staff-to-girl ratio
  • Family-style residential treatment facility
  • Other Treatment Programs
  • Surrounded by buildings and noise
  • Situated on a city block or small acreage
  • Engulfed in a sterile setting devoid of nature
  • One-size-fits-all protocols that every girl must participate in, regardless of individual needs
  • Frequent lawsuits and legal actions
  • As high as 1:10 staff-to-girl ratio
  • Hospital-style or military-style facility

Choosing treatment to help with your daughter’s behavior can be a daunting task, but there are people out there who genuinely care and want to help. With the help of God, and our professional staff, we strive to ensure that she lives a peaceful, fulfilling life that you both can be proud of.